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Graphology and Employment Screening
Corporate Consulting

A few years ago the Wall Street Journal report that over 80% of France's top 500 corporations used Handwriting Analysis as a screening tool to hire employees.  In the United States, the acceptance and use of this cutting edge tool has also risen to prominence.

Today, few experts doubt the reliability of graphology.  In fact, some have dubbed it "the science of the future."  In Europe it is taught at prestigious universities such as Sorbonne in Paris.

Why use graphology for employment screening?

Ever since use of the polygraph machine was outlawed in 1989, graphology has climbed high on the ladder as a viable tool for employers to know who they are hiring before they hire.   Sometimes a person is an excellent interviewer, but not necessarily the best person for the job.  Often times, the best person for the job is not the best interviewer.

Take John Doe, for example.( a real person)  He gets every job for which he interviews, and then he either gets bored, or restless or changes jobs.  At the end 2001, John had twelve W-2 forms at tax time.  His handwriting clearly shows that he lives for the moment and has a childish attitude on life.

If the handwriting points to a dislike for details, or a problem with authority and punching a time clock, it is unlikely the person would do well as a bookkeeper.  A sign of extroversion, on the other hand, may mean that the person would make a terrific salesperson.  This method of employment screening promises an accurate, quick and "cheat-proof" method of determining character and personality.

IBM did a study that showed the number 1 reason for productivity, absenteeism, creativity, resourcefulness, tardiness and retention was the relationship between the front line supervisor and the employee.

What are important things graphology
can determine for employment screening?

One of the most important things it can tell is the compatibility factor between the employer and the employee.   When I do employment screening, I always tell the employer,  "You know your industry, business and who would be the ideal candidate for this position.  You compile your concerns, expectations and the traits you are looking for and what you don't want.    I will tell you exactly that."

With the aid of psychological testing the business community spends enormous sums of money to aid in choosing the right candidate for the right job, only to find that turnover often remains at high levels.   Furthermore some candidates become so conditioned to psychological testing, the results reveal what they want the employer to believe, not their true self.

Contact Kathi at Kathi@KathiMcKnight.com  to do the Write Hire for your company!


QUICK ANSWER: $35.00 - 15 minutes
The invaluable information you gain in this analysis could save you thousands of dollars on a bad hire or mismatched business partnership. Will they be easy to work with? Do they have the qualifications and personality traits that will make this a “write” match? Send in your applicant’s handwriting to see if this is a thumbs up or a thumbs down hire.  List the qualities you are looking for in your ideal candidate or business partner and Kathi will tell you if they are a match. Some people are born interviewers but are not the best candidate for the job. In this session, Kathi will instantly spot if this is the “WRITE” HIRE or has too many red flags.

If your business is worth investing in, so is knowing who your best hire, partner or clients are. Priceless information, key insights that will match you with the “write” person. Use the cutting edge technology that over 80% of the corporations in Europe use for their business assessments.

Call or email to set up your appointment. You will list all the qualities that you are looking for in your ideal client, staff person, new manager, business partner, whomever you are wanting a professional analysis on.

Choice A: Full comprehensive written report on your candidate of choice. You will provide a list of the qualities you most want in this person and Kathi will tell you if they are there or if they are not. In addition, you will receive a full comprehensive report on the candidate to include explicit information on their drives, their values, and much, much more. This is like a back ground check and a polygraph test rolled all into one. You will see what red flags to watch out for and how to best enhance the working relationship.

*Bonus* for choice A: Kathi will also include a compatibility analysis between you and your 1 candidate in the report. ($300 value.)


Choice B: One hour phone consultation. You may include up to *5* choices of candidates in this consultation. This is perfect for weeding out and narrowing the playing field down to one final choice. You may also use this session to help make the best decision on whom to promote. There is flexibility to ask any questions during this consult.


"It is uncanny how handwriting pinpoints personality characteristics
and traits immediately that would take much longer otherwise.  What an advantage!"
Tom French, President TEFCO Financial

"Very enlightening.  Powerful Stuff!  I can't imagine running a business without these tools"
Robert DeMott,  Independent Contractor

"This is like a secret weapon for lawyers!  There is nothing like getting inside the
opposing attorney's and jury's mind before the trail even begins"
Michael Warriors,  Attorney at Law

"Every area of my life has improved because of this insight into my own
and other people's personality.  An invaluable tool for working successfully
with others."
Art Simkins,  Mountain Valley Herb Co.

"At first I was skeptical, but when Kathi did the analysis of my own handwriting,
she absolutely hit on the button with me.  Using this tool for hiring and upper level
manager far exceeded my expectations."
Dick Schutt, President, Tenaker Pet Care Center


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